About Us



Sometime in the early part of 1987, the core group of the U.S. military sales division of Connell Bros. Co. Pilipinas, Inc. approached top management, presenting its intentions to engage in the trading business of its own. The idea was very well taken by the management after deliberating in details the overall corporate benefit of this plan.CBC Pilipinas, Inc. with the distinct approval of corporate headquarters in San Francisco, U.S.A. accepted the group’s proposal. This move opened the opportunity to streamline the company’s operation and concentrate henceforth its resources for the other major lines.


CBC Pilipinas, Inc. dropped its U.S. Military line and gave the whole activity to the group’s efforts. This in effect was the birth of WESTRADE INTERNATIONAL CO., INC (WICO) and in October 24, 1987, it was officially incorporated under Securities and Exchange Commission Reg. No. 143983.


Westrade International Co., Inc. is 100% owned by Filipinos. Its management and staff has an aggregate total of 25 years work exposure from each individual’s experience in the U.S. Military and international trading business.


Westrade principals are strategically located in the U.S., Asia and Europe. They are all seasoned veterans in the international trading business. Aside from this, Westrade is concentrated extensively on the equipment/construction material requirements of the U.S. military bases in the Philippines. The turn-over to the Philippine Government in November 1991 of Clark Air Base and Subic Naval Base required Westrade to adopt a re-orientation on its sales activities and the company is now heavily engaged in trading activities on the Philippine domestic scene. By having an access to a world full of high quality products, Westrade is able to offer a wide range of product and materials from simple wire to complex, highly engineered electrical and mechanical status.


Today, Westrade brings it all together, supply high quality engineered products, great and small, for commercial and industrial, power generation and distribution, food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, cement, sugar, oil electronic and other allied industries.




To be the leading supplier of high quality engineered electrical and mechanical equipment for commercial and industrial projects in the Philippines.




To provide quality products, on-time delivery, and cost effective pricing for all our present and future customers.To carry ready in stock of special wires and cables of known European and US brands in sufficient volume to meet urgent local requirements.